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Need a soakaway installed at your property?

Foul Water Soakaway

The installation of a soakaway is not an exact science but there are formulas to assist in obtaining the correct design. It cannot be exact due to the fluctuation of the volumes of water whether foul or storm.

PERCOLATION TESTS tell us how long it will take on average for a certain volume of water to disperse into the soil. There are various designs ranging from perforated pipe to soakaway crates, and the results provide the basis for calculating not only the design, but also the size and location of the proposed soakaway.

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  • Contact with Environment Agency to obtain necessary discharge permission if applicable
  • Top quality materials for long lasting works
  • Relaible service suited to your schedule
  • Compliance with all UK Government legislation and guidelines

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Foul Water Soakaways
In general, but not always, foul water soakaways will be designed to spread over a greater surface area via sub-surface trenches.

With foul water, the volumes to be catered for can be reasonably accurately predicted because it is based on how much water is used by one person in 24 hours and multiplied by the relevant number of people, delivery of this water is spread over a 24 hour period but with the greater volumes during early morning and evening.

Rain/Surface Water Soakaways
Soakaway CrateRain/surface water soakaways generally require holding capacity because there is often a large volume of water delivered to the soakaway in a short period of time. When this occurs the volume of water is greater than the sub-soil can disperse over the same period of time.
The design should provide a storage facility so the water can be collected quickly and stored, then dispersed as the soil will allow. However, soakaways are not always the answer and will not always cope during prolonged or heavy rainfall.


Precast Concrete Ring Soakaways
concrete ringPrecast concrete ring soakaways are commonly used for sites of smaller impermeable areas and are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. This variety of soakaway is produced with slots in the outer wall to provide easy filtration of water to the surrounding soil.

The design of this type of soakaway is very similar to the trench type arrangement and uses the same formulas to balance the inflow and outflow.


Reed Beds
ReedsA reed bed is a natural filtration process commonly used in conjunction with a sewage treatment plant to further enhance the quality of effluent migrating into surrounding watercourse. They are very low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

A reed bed significantly improves the effluent quality and is one solution when local water authorities request a better quality than that discharged from the standard unit. Please request a site visit from one of our qualified engineers who will be able to advise you further.