Commercial Services

Commercial Services

commercial2Hartley Services have been independently trading since 1981 and are delighted to offer a comprehensive and bespoke service to their clients.  With easy access to both the M3, M4 corridor and crews strategically placed around the M25 allows us to offer a genuine 4 hour response time.

We believe that your problems provide us with opportunities. Our proactive team are friendly, reliable and are eager to assist your clients with their roofing, guttering, wet waste, drainage and plumbing needs.

At Hartley Services we welcome feedback from all of our jobs to ensure we take every opportunity to continually improve the level of service we are committed to delivering. Staff turnover is very low, with many members of staff having over 10 years’ experience in their respective disciplines allowing us to confidently say that the team managing your contract will provide you with continuity and peace of mind.

Hartley Services’ quality management systems are well integrated in our business; ensuring that important contract information is securely managed and retained at all times.

We believe your management teams will see the benefits of our complete service, ensuring KPI’s and SLA’s are adhered to, keeping response times and associated costs to a minimum.


  • To establish a positive relationship of mutual trust and a full understanding of the aims, objectives and requirements of the client.
  • To achieve innovation, greater efficiency and reduced waste by means of collaborative working
  • To invest in and commit to, a longer-term relationship
  • To achieve measurable continuous improvement as demonstrated by reference to agreed KPI’s
  • To problem solve utilising partnered processes including transparent and co-operative exchange of information, an early warning system, and full participation at core group meetings

Core Benefits

  • Over longer periods contracts data collection becomes vitally important and highly accurate allowing for trends to be analysed over greater timescales and hence becoming more valuable.  
  • There is a reduced need to visit properties more than once, as repairs can be noted and collated in condition surveys and the works planned for in advance – reducing the number of reactive calls later.
  • All of these elements help to create an environment of continuous improvement, increased productivity and smooth contract management.


  • We have now established systems and processes which demonstrate value for money.
  • We will set-up a specific contract within our job management and accounts package system. All costs will be recorded on the system, which will enable us to accurately monitor the contract and review financial information on any aspect of the contract.
  • Well managed document archiving is practiced for the ease of reference.

Principles of Partnering

  • The relationship we have been developing with our staff and other clients has been a strategic partnering approach, outlined within the company business plan, with an emphasis on the following to ensure that our partners share our vision and values.
  • By attending internal and externally provided training to ensure skills are developed.
  • By attending workshops with existing and potential supply chain partners to ensure that we have shared visions which will enable us to develop effective partnerships.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of any workshops and training provided is measured by reference to improvements in KPI’s and SLA’s
  • Ensure partnership aims and objectives are clearly communicated in the company business plan and employee appraisal process.

vansOur most significant innovation in the past five years has been the advancement of our approach towards the use of IT.
We have implemented a System which provides work flow systems, project management, performance measuring, performance auditing, company policies and procedures, individual contract work flow, costing control, quality control monitoring, KPI data and document management.
The System provides us with a central platform to share all documents, reports, information, progress, contract information and other immeasurable information to our clients.
With the ever increasing need for communication our IT system allows all members of staff to access their individual desktop from any given location, as long as there is an internet connection.

Appointment and Work Scheduler IT Module

We only use our own call centre. OPEN 24/7/365  01252 312444

The Call Centre Operator will drill down to an appropriate level of detail and select the fault being reported. Whilst processing the call, the Operator can see the last five calls relating to the property in case this call is related to a previous call. Chase-up calls and calls regarding access arrangements, follow-on work and complaints are all recorded on the system and answered as far as possible while the client is on the line.

Allocation of Work and Issuing of Work to the Operatives

jetvac smallOur system will automatically allocate newly received jobs to operatives, recognising the priority system and the nature of the works. Emergencies and appointments will be giving the highest priority, followed by jobs with the most urgent classification.

The Work Scheduler can adjust the allocations made by the computer as they see fit.  There may be some jobs that require manual intervention if the computer is unable to find a suitable allocation, for example, if there was a sudden need for a large amount of urgent roofing work following a storm.


"Our teams are professional, reliable, honest and polite and we believe in ensuring that you get a quality service whilst getting the best value for money."

Hartley Services are pleased to be able to offer a range of other services including: